Lisa Alvarado

Lisa Alvarado[1] 2

Lisa is from Visalia, California, and has felt empowered to make change since the age of 16 when she joined the Female Leadership Academy. In the academy, she became an advocate and speaker, getting her local school district to expand the curriculum on sex education. She worked on defeating Proposition 4 (parental notification for abortion) in 2008 and phone banked, walked precincts, and campaigned against other discriminatory statewide ballot measures.


Ali Archer


Ali is from Santa Rosa, California and is a recent graduate of Saint Mary’s College. Since graduating, she has been working for a non-profit specializing in educational support for children with disabilities. Her interest in community organization and development was first sparked during her public health internship at Saint Mary’s, and was deepened by her volunteer work with communities living along the Amazon River in Brazil.


Joyce Ganthavorn


Joyce is interested in water and energy efficiency, green building, and environmental education, and hopes to someday make a career out of these interests. She is from San Francisco, California, and a graduate of the University of California, Riverside where she received a B.S in Environmental Science. She hopes that through TOLA she will gain the skills to become an effective community organizer and leader so that she can better benefit her community.


Michael Gudamuz


Since graduating in 2013 with a B.S. in Microbiology from San Francisco State University, Michael has volunteered for various campaigns in the East Bay. After voting for the first time in 2008, Michael realized that there was more to democracy than just filling out a ballot. Leaders must be held accountable when they’re off the campaign trail. Michael is interested in exploring a career in politics.


Stephanie Hernandez


Stephanie is from Los Angeles, California, and a CSU Dominguez Hills graduate where she received her B.A. in Psychology.  As an undergraduate, she found the passion to work in organizations whose goals are to promote the pursuit of higher education and take action for the betterment of the community. Stephanie hopes to pursue a career in higher education to encourage student involvement and create a positive sense of community.


Giuliana Martinez


Giuliana was born in Peru and came to the United States at the age of five. She was raised in Marin County, California, and graduated from San Jose State University in 2012 with a B. A. in Sociology/Criminology and a minor in Justice Studies. After college she became a case manager at Marin Child Care Council, a non-profit where she was able to work with underprivileged families of Marin.