Interview of Lynn Wiggins

Q: Tell us about your involvement in the Bernie Sanders campaign in Nevada? 

A: I was a Field Organizer in Northern Las Vegas on the Bernie Sanders campaign, responsible for organizing Nevada Assembly Districts 7 and 17, a total of 68 precincts.

Q: What inspired you to work on a presidential campaign?

A: Since TOLA 2 I’ve worked on 20 political campaigns. The last few political campaigns I worked on opened my eyes to the overwhelming influence big money plays in corrupting and undermining a political leader’s ability to operate independently to improve the quality of life of the electorate.

I was ready to quit as I realized most elected officials, while they start off wanting to improve the lives of their constituents, become so entangled in the system that they inevitably sell out. That’s when I discovered a relatively unknown politician by the name of Bernie Sanders. As a result of his platform and message I thought this was a perfect opportunity to work to create the “Political Revolution” this country needs to move in the right direction at this time.

Q: What is the most valuable takeaway form your TOLA experience? How are you applying this to your current position? 

A: The most valuable take away from my TOLA experience is summarized in one of Fred Ross, Sr.’s axioms for organizers: “If you think you can do it for people, you’ve stopped understanding what it means to be an organizer.”

My job as an organizer is to provide individuals with the best information possible, based upon the facts – not my personal opinion, in order to give them the opportunity to have a voice and participate in the democratic process. I’ve come to realize that people can only be motivated to activate that potential when they view it as a priority.

In preparation for the Nevada Caucus I was tasked with organizing precincts in North Las Vegas, a traditional working class community. In spite of educating, engaging and coordinating events in the area to build awareness, and a sense of urgency about the Caucus process, while educating them about Senator Sanders’ consistent record; community responsiveness was not always good. I had days where I confirmed 17 of 24 people who were scheduled to volunteer, and no one showed up. It was frustrating because while I realized people were busy, I also realized that each person has the power within him/herself to build a better and brighter future, not only for themselves but for those who come after them.

Q: What impact would you like to have on the world? 

A: My only wish is to be remembered as someone who gave his heart, mind and soul to helping people understand, appreciate and actualize their full potential. Everyone has a gift which they must uncover through trial and error. My personal journey over the past 13 years has taught me the meaning of life is having the discipline to persevere, and endure all that life puts before you in order to actualize your individual greatest, and in turn to share that greatness with the World and humbly ask for nothing in return.