Alameda Hospital provides a multitude of free health services to the County, but has not had the ability or bandwidth to market these services. Because of this, many residents of Alameda go out of the City to get their healthcare. To help Alamada Hospital market their efforts and gather feedback from residents, TOLA organized and actualized a grassroots marketing campaign. Through their efforts, the Fellows contacted thousands of residents and delivered to them a “at-a-glance” brochure of the various free services the Hospital provides. Using the Hospital’s two major summer initiatives (free stroke screenings and Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative – dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation), the Fellows presented the “Let’s Move!” initiative to children throughout the island and hand delivered to them almost 5,000 activity journals. Informing the residents of the hospitals services was one task, but driving residents to participate in the various events was another task. All the stroke screenings for the last month and next three months are already booked, and while the impact of the “Let’s Move!” is yet to be determined, it is poised to be successful.

TOLA started the grassroots campaign, but their best success is found in the fact that their efforts will be continued by the residents they mobilized and empowered.