The California Cancer Research Act qualified for California’s next statewide ballot after its supporting coalition submitted over 600,000 voter signatures for verification in June 2010.

If passed by voters at the next statewide ballot, the California Cancer Research Act will provide more than $500 million a year to find new ways to detect, treat, prevent, and cure cancer and other tobacco-related illnesses. The coalition is led by the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association in California, American Heart Association, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Stand Up To Cancer, and Livestrong.

Together, we are where the end of cancer begins.

TOLA is joining forces with the aforementioned associations to help fundraising, spreading the word and recruiting volunteers to help us fight off Big Tobacco’s enormous war chest. Four TOLA Fellows are working tirelessly to ensure the CCRA passes, making California the second largest cancer researcher in the world!

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