The San Pablo Corridor Coalition is an amalgamation of community groups from West Oakland brought together by Alex Miller-Cole. SPc2 is responsible for beautification efforts throughout W. Oakland, conducting community block parties, and walking the community to speak with residents and explore how best to uplift the community.  The goals of SPc2 are to connect the needs of residents with local services, build a solid foundation from which to represent the voice and needs of the community, and work with City/County/State/Federal agencies to continue to work collaboratively for the betterment of W. Oakland residents.

The President of SPc2 speaking about TOLA’s work and the progress it has enabled

TOLA has bolstered SPc2’s efforts by creating an asset map of W. Oakland that helps residents find the community resources that surround them. This map was created using google maps so that it is accessible to all residents with computers. Knowing that this community is not as “connected” as the rest of Oakland, TOLA Fellows went door-to-door to deliver a hard copy of the map and further engage W. Oaklanders as to their concerns and needs. Along with the asset map, the Fellows documented blight to help W. Oaklanders hold their elected officials and city workers accountable for cleaning up documented illegal dumping and other blight.

Documented blight throughout W. Oakland

To engage the neighbors, the Fellows went door-to-door/called residents to get their opinion on the proposed park and invite them to participate in SPc2’s various beautification efforts. During their community outreach they talked to over 200 residents and invited them to participate in the uplifting of their community. By connecting residents to the numerous resources that surround them and empowering them to get involved in their community, SPc2 is better able to execute their mission.

By reaching out to the disenfranchised members of our community and inviting them to the table, TOLA was able to help amplify the voices of W. Oaklanders and bolster the efforts of the great community groups that serve this often neglected side of Oakland.